Feb. 7, 2021

You're dreaming - the science of sleep with Caroline Horton and Neil O'Rourke

Why do we dream? How can you learn to lucid dream? How do you prevent nightmares and why in the hell do random people end up in your dreams? We discuss all that and more  in this week's episode.

Expert guest: Dr Caroline Horton.
Caroline directs the DrEAMSLab at Bishop Grosseteste University. She is also the host of of the Sleep Science Pod.  You can stay up-to-date with her on Twitter at @sleepandmemory

Comedian Guest: Neil O'Rourke
Neil O’Rourke is the funniest comedian to come out of Cork. Neil has been a finalist in pretty much all the most important comedy competitions: So You Think You’re Funny, Leicester Square etc.