Jan. 3, 2021

What you should know about machine learning w/ Ben Byford and Alice Fraser

Machine learning and artificial intelligence already play a huge role in our life.  From trivial things like what movies and songs are recommended to us, to important things like politics (or vice versa depending on your perspective) machines are shaping what we discover and how and that's only set to grow. So who decides how this happens? Should we be concerned and how do we make sure the impacts of these machines is monitored to prevent harmful impacts? Or, do we just welcome our new robot overlords?

On this episode of the podcast, the brilliantly funny and incredibly intelligent Alice Fraser, and Ben Byford, a machine ethics pundit with a wealth of first hand experience, join me  to look at all the above and more.

About the guests:

Alice Fraser is one of the most intelligent, creative and funny comedians and podcasters on the planet. You can watch her critically acclaimed special 'Savage' on Amazon Prime. You can also hear her on The Last Post Podcast. For more information on Alice visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

Ben Byford is a machine learning consultant and host of the fantastic Machine Ethics Podcast. I highly recommend you check it out here. For more information on Ben, visit his website or follow him on Twitter.