Oct. 10, 2021

The Secret Life of Elements

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What's in the periodic table? In this week's episode the infectiously insightful Dr Kathryn Harkup takes us through her love of the periodic table, helping us understand the personalities and characteristic of the elements we spent so long trying to remember.

Expert guest:
DrKathryn Harkup is a chemist and author. Her first book was the international best-seller, A is for Arsenic. She has also written about the science of Frankenstein in Making the Monster, all the ways to die in a Shakespeare play in Death By Shakespeare and investigated the scientific background to horror’s most famous fiend in her most recent book Vampirology. You can learn more about here on here website or on Twitter. 

Comedian guest:
Your boy is back. Juan miles has now been co-host twice as many times as anyone else. Juan is an Argentinian born, Berlin based stand-up comedian via Melbourne, Australia. He's one of the most wickedly funny people I know. As always, you can stay up-to-date with his news on his Instagram or Twitter.