April 11, 2021

The science of the musical human w/ Jordan Gray & Dr Michael Spitzer

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Is there such thing as bad music? How important was music to human evolution? Is musicology a real thing? And, why is Baby Shark one of our expert guests favourite bits of new music? All this and more in this week's episode.

Expert guest:
Michael Spitzer is a Professor of Music (otherwise known as a musicologist) at the University of Liverpool. His newly published book 'The Musical Human: A History of Life on Earth' takes on the ambitious task of providing the complete journey of music throughout the ages. It's already a number one bestseller on Amazon. It was recently seralialized for Radio 4 read by Simon McBurney over 5 episodes. You can start with episode 1 here. 
Michael founded the series of International Conferences on Music and Emotion, and organised the International Conference on Analyzing Popular Music (Liverpool, 2013). You can purchase the book on Amazon and learn more about Michael on the University of Liverpool website.

Comedy guest:
Jordan Gray is a hilarious comedy star with a background in music who was once a contestant on The Voice UK. She's the writer and co-star of Transaction on Comedy Central UK and one of the most in-demand comedians in the UK. You can stay in touch with her work on Facebook, Twitter (@TallDarkFriend) and Instagram (@talldarkfriend).