Nov. 21, 2021

The science of surfaces

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Why is some stuff sticky? How does ice work and are birds swimming through the air? This week we dive deep into the science of surfaces.

Expert guest:
Laurie Winkless is a brilliantly multi-talented physicist and science communicator. She has a passion for translating complex science into engaging stories and has worked with Forbes Magazine, various schools and universities, the Royal Society, The Naked Scientists and NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Her first book, Science and the City: The Mechanics Behind the Metropolis, explains the science behind aspects of urban living, including skyscrapers and subways. In this episode we focus on her second book 'Sticky: The Secret Science of Surfaces.' You can check out more about what she's up to on Twitter.  

Comedy guest:
Joshua Mason Wood was a semi-finalist in So You Think You’re Funny? had a successful 2021 run with split-bill show “AngloViking Invasion Before Naptime”, which got a 4 star Edfringe review and and was called ‘Heart-warming and hilariously self-aware stand up’, and MC in residence Joker Comedy. You can check him out on Instagram at @joshuamasonwood

Also, a follow up on our Teflon chat, the John Oliver segment referenced is available here