May 23, 2021

The science of love w/ Kevin O'Connel and Andrew McGovern

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What is love (baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me know more). On this week's episode we speak to budding neuroscientist and co-host of 'Living Room Logic' Andrew McGovern and Loveryboy comedian Kevin O'Connel to find out what the neurochemical explanation is for love, what the dumbest thing we've done for love is, whether or not the friend zone exists and why I might need to convince my wife to go to couple's therapy for the perks.

Expert guest:
Andrew McGovern is a budding neuroscientist who firmly believes the future of medicine has sex in mind. Careful now you little minx, he studies sex differences in risk of diseases like Alzheimer's and in mental health. Currently a bioscience teacher in university, he loves sharing his passions with his students and, well, anyone who will listen. Last year Andrew won the audience price in the regional and all Ireland FameLab finals, Ireland's biggest science communication competition. He's also the host of the fantasticliving room logic podcast which I highly recommend.

Comedian guest:
Since moving to London in 2016, Kevin has been making waves with his high energy performances and whimsical material. In 2019 he was featured on Union Jack Radio's "One Night Stand" and has been a finalist in the Bath Comedy Festival New Act of the Year 2017 and the prestigious NATYs (New Act of the Year) 2018. Kevin is an alumni of the Soho Youth Company and regularly gigs across the UK and Ireland. He regularly plays at venues such as the Comedy Store, Angel Comedy, The Poodle Club and The Stand. Kevin will soon be performing his solo show at the Camden Fringe Festival on 16th/17th Aug - 7:30 pm @ The Etcetera Theatre, 265 Camden High St, London NW1 7BU. Check out his Instagram and website for more details.