Jan. 10, 2021

The politics of climate change with Ross Greer and Alex Kealy

Poll after poll has shown that most people believe climate change is an important issue that we need to act on. And yet, for more than 3 decades the response to this from governments around the world has been inadequate. So, on today's episode, instead of talking about how to convince climate change deniers that it's real I ask a politician who is passionate about climate action why his colleagues have been so slow to act

Ross Greer, was the youngest Member of Scottish Parliament, and is a representative of the Scottish Greens party and is incredibly passionate, charming and insightful when explaining what the problem is, how much time is left to address it and what needs to be done.
Ross is a brilliant person to follow on Twitter, and you can learn more about the work of the Scottish Greens Party on their website. You can stay in touch with Ross on Facebook and Instagram. 

Our comedian guest for this episode is a brilliantly witty political comic, Alex Kealy. You can follow Alex on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.