Aug. 15, 2021

The mind of a murderer w/ Dr Richard Taylor and Cressida Wetton

Can someone of sound mind commit murder? What makes someone become a murderer and what is the home security like of someone who has worked on over 100 murder cases? We discuss all that plus some of the strangest cases of the career of Dr Richard Taylor.

Expert guest:
Dr Richard Taylor is a London based Forensic Psychiatrist who has worked on over 100 murder cases in a career spanning nearly three decades. He is the author of the fantastic book 'The Mind of a Murderer.' In the book Dr. Taylor uses cases from across his career to help paint a picture of the common types of murder cases, what trends are closely linked to murder and ultimately what factors can lead to someone becoming a killer.

Comedy guest:
Cressida Wetton is an awesome London based stand-up comedian who has been a finalist in most of the countries top comedy competitions and who regular performs at some of the most exciting shows around town.