Sept. 19, 2021

The floods are coming

Just this week we saw Tower Bridge flooded. How the heck a bridge floods, I don't know. It seems like flooding has snuck up on most of us as a major consequence of climate change. In this week's episode we talk with a flood modelling specialist and an critically acclaimed comedian to find out about why flooding is getting worse, how bad it will get and whether technology can help us manage the damage.

Comedy guest:
Isabelle Farrah is a British Lebanese actor, comedian, and writer. After an undergraduate in French and Film studies, she trained at Drama Studio and on the Soho Theatre Comedy Lab. As an actress she has performed in theatre in the West End and on Tour and she has gigged across the UK and in Lisbon and New York City. Her short, Breakfast, was a finalist in the Funny Women Shorts Prize.

Her debut show, Ellipsis, was commended for the Screenshot Award in 2020. It's been at Camden People’s Theatre, Southwark Playhouse, and EdFringe with Assembly Fest in 2021. It will be at Soho Theatre 11th-13th October 2021. You can find important links to all upcoming stuff here.

Expert guest:
Dr Andrew Smith is the co-founder of Fathom, a company formed whilst undertaking his PhD at the University of Bristol. Alongside his role as COO at Fathom, he is also an active research scientist where his expertise and research focuses on the development of computational flood models. As part of this, Andrew boasts an impressive scholarly portfolio, with a wide range of research examining various aspects of climate change risk modelling and modelling floods over large scales.You can view his full research portfolio by visiting