Dec. 2, 2020

Terrible tourism - the coldest, most toxic and depressing cities on the planet with terrible trips creator India James

Today, we speak to the creator of Terrible Trips, someone who has a passion for travelling to places that other people would have absolutely no interest in. They've been to the coldest city on earth, the most toxic body of water known to man, and the most depressing city on earth, just to name a few. Discover what the experience is like and what can be learned when you venture way, way, way off the beaten track.

India James -
Author of Terrible Trips.
Towns discussed include Norilsk, a strategic Russian mining town with no roads in or out that is closed to even Russian citizens.
Dzerzhinsk, home to 'The black hole', the world's most toxic body of water.
Yakutsk, the coldest city on earth. 
And Detroit, rock city, home of Eminem and one of the most dangerous cities in America.