Jan. 31, 2021

Stars, space and astronomy with Jenifer Millard & Eve Ellenbogen

We're off to infinity and beyond with the mind blowing Jenifer Millard (soon to be Dr.) and the hilarious Eve Ellenbogen.
In this episode we discuss how scientists can almost, but not quite see the big bang, whether or not the universe can die, whether Elon Musk will get to live out his fantasy of owning space slaves (or just what it will take for us to set up a colony on Mars), the three Mars missions that are taking place, whether we should be talking back to aliens and so much more.

Our guests

Jenifer Millard
Is our expert who's literally submitted all the work for her PhD and is now just awaiting the confirmation. She is the host of the Awesome Astronomy podcast and the kind of science communicator who makes massive concepts easy to understand (step aside Brain Cox and Neil DeGrasse Tyson).

Eve Ellenbogen
Eve is an effortlessly funny New Yorker formerly based in Melbourne, Australia. She hosts the Everyone is Doing Better Than Me podcast. When it's safe and legal I highly recommend you check her out live and on-stage, but until then, listen to her podcast :)