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Climate Change episode

I learned so much from this episode on climate change. These guys are too much. I may listen to more.

Super entertaining!

I don't listen to too many podcasts where I learn something. But this is a blast! The combo of comedian with expert makes for informative yet fun listening where I can't help but laugh. Great podcast!

So Good!

Funny and entertaining. Highly recommended.


Humor is recipe for enjoying life. Love how they take relevant topics & incorporate humor into it. Which is not always such easy task to do. Look forward to listening to more episodes

Absolutely Engaging!

Great interviews with fun and interesting topics! 10/10 would recommend.

Fascinating and fun!

It's always wonderful to have a show where experts talk about their expertise, but having it be done in such a freeform and fun way makes it even better. Plus, it's one of my favorite titles for a show I've seen in a while.

Very entertaining

Hilarious as well as informative

The topics !!!

The topics in this podcast are always very interesting and diverse. Being a person who loves to dive into topics and really analyze it found this podcast perfect to keep my head going!

Informative Laughs

A good way to be informative with a good laugh! Laughter and educated conversations= greatness!

Fun and entertaining show!

This show is fun, entertaining and covers some interesting topics! You’ll have a great time listening to this one!

Keep it up

Love Anthony’s take on hilarious topics. You’re doing the right things!

Great podcast

Funny banter, great guests & interesting subjects!