May 2, 2021

Return of the Jen-i: Mars, Aliens and life on other planets with - Dr Jeni Millard and Steele Saunders

May the 4th is days away. We thought we'd invite the awesome Dr Jeni Millard from the Awesome Astronomy podcast back on the show to chat to comedian, mate and Star Wars aficionado, Steele Saunders about helicopters on mars, terraforming other planets and aliens.

Expert guest:
Dr Jenifer Millard is now officially a Dr. Since our last chat she's officially received her PhD, is making appearances of BBC Radio all over the place as well as doing awesome work on the  Awesome Astronomy podcast. As always, she's funny, charming and takes big ideas and makes them easy to understand and fun to hear about. Get her on TV already.

Comedian guest:
Steele Saunders is a comedian, podcaster, writer, presenter and Star Wars superfan. Before moving to L.A, Steele was a regular on T.V and radio in Melbourne. He is now one of the most popular Star Wars commentators finding fans, cast, crew and fellow comedians to help share the love of the force. You can check out all of his great work (and killer merch) over on his website.