March 7, 2021

Mind the Orgasm Gap for International Women's Day.

If you've ever had an orgasm, you're probably not surprised to hear that people like them. But, unfortunately in news that will surprise few women but too many men, women cum significantly less than men in hetrosexual couples. The massive difference is known as 'the orgasm gap.' Just in time for International Women's Day I talked to comedian Ginnia Cheng, and psychology postdoctoral student Jessica Jordan to discuss what the stats say, why it happens and how it can be corrected.    

Comedy Guest
Ginnia is a comedian who's reached the semi-finals of many of the UK's comedy competitions including SYTYF and Up the Creek's One to Watch. She co-hosts London's sex-positive live comedy experience Sex Standing Up, which has been recommended by the Metro and listed as TimeOut's top 3 things to do in London 3 times. Ginnia was recently handpicked by BBC Writersroom for a programme showcasing the UK’s East Asian comedy talent.

Expert Guest 
Jessica, a former social worker and current Psychology PhD student at the University of South Florida, studies the intersection of gender stereotypes and sex. Her research explores how people's beliefs about manhood and womanhood impact sexual behaviors and outcomes, including sexual satisfaction, communication, and consent.