Feb. 21, 2021

Memory lane - How memory works in the brain w/ Dr Janine Cooper and Laura Davis

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Ever forget your own name? Or know that you know something but just can't seem to remember it? How about those times where an absolute random memory you didn't even know you have pop into your head for no reason? This week we ask a cognitive psychologist what's happening in the brain that makes our memory such a tricky thing. And, if we can't trust our memory, how does that impact our ideas about who we are. Joining me this week are the award winning comedian Laura Davis and cognitive psychologist Janine Cooper.

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Laura Davis
Laura Davis is one of the funniest people in the world, having won multiple awards for her brilliant solo shows. She's appeared on TV shows and some of the biggest podcasts across Australia and the UK and is one of the most reliably entertaining performers on the comedy circuit.  You can learn more at http://lauradaviscomedy.com/, or follow her on Twitter.

Janine Cooper
Janine Cooper is a cognitive psychologist and the creator of Everyday Neuro. She has an absolutely brilliant knack for explaining the important parts of neuroscience in a way that is easy relate to and thoroughly engaging. As well as hosting her own podcast she is has also regularly appeared as a speaker at international conferences, events and as a guest on national radio.