Nov. 14, 2021

How to have challenging conversations.

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There are a few topics in life that most of us find difficult to have. The most common of those around dying. This week expert Dr Kathryn Mannix, and comedian Jackie Kashian join us talk about how to have tender conversations.

Expert guest:
Dr Kathryn Mannix
has spent her career in palliative care, helping countless people have the care and conversations they need to maintain a high-quality of life, even as they approach death. Her first book 'With the end in mind' was shortlisted for the Welcomme Book Prize. Her latest book 'Listen: How to find the words for tender conversations' is out now.  You can learn more about her at her website or follow her on Twitter.

Comedian guest:
Jackie Kashianhas been doing standup for over 35 years. Last heard on NPR and seen on HBO's 2DopeQueens, her albums have been #1 on Amazon, iTunes and have over 10 million listens on Spotify and Pandora. She has two podcasts; The Dork Forest (since 2006) where she talks with people about what they love to do, think about and collect. She also has a podcast with Laurie Kilmartin where they talk about the thing they both love to do and think about… standup comedy. It is called The Jackie and Laurie Show. Her new album'Stay-Kashian' is out now. You can learn more about her on her website, Twitter, FB or Insta