March 14, 2021

Dinosaurs w/ Ahir Shah and Dr. Emma Dunne.

We're kicking it ol' school....Really ol' school. This week we're joined by Ahir Shah and Dr Emma Dunne to talk all things dinosaurs.  In one the most fun episodes we've ever recorded we cover whether birds are carry around the regret of no longer being a dinosaur, whether you can judge a person based on their favourite dinosaur, what it's like to work in a job where the most knowledgeable experts have an average age of around  6 years old, why we should still care about paleontology, what we're discovering from dinosaurs that applies to the world today, whether Jurassic Park is an allegory which saved us from having billionaires accidentally unleash dinosaurs on us all  and why Leonardo DiCaprio is an arsehole. 

Comedian Guest: Ahir Shah
Ahir Shah is undoubtedly one of the most talented comedians working today. His unique blend of sharp intellectual wit, philosophical curiosity and emotional depth lend themselves to utterly hilarious and deeply moving comedy. He is a multiple nominee for Best Show at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival and has been seen on Have I Got News For You, Live At The Apollo, and The Mash Report. To learn more head to his website, Twitter or Facebook.

Expert Guest: Dr Emma Dunne
Dr. Emma is a palaeobiologist at the University of Birmingham who's work is broadly focused on how past environmental changes influenced the biodiversity of fossil vertebrates. She is one of the hosts of the super cool Palaeo Party podcast which I highly recommend you check out at