July 11, 2021

Did hippies ruin psychedelics?

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We've already discussed the scientific benefits of psychedelics. Today we look at whether that comes from magical elves, third eyes and interdimensional wisdom, or perhaps if there is a way to experience all the benefits of psychedelics without giving into mystical madness.

Our expert guest:
Dr Chris Letheby is a philosopher working on issues related to the therapeutic and transformative potential of classic psychedelic drugs. His doctoral research, conducted at the University of Adelaide, presented the first systematic analysis of psychedelic experience within the framework of 21st century philosophy of cognitive science.

He is currently (2018-2021) Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Western Australia and (2019-2022) Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Adelaide on the ARC-funded project 'Philosophical Perspectives on Psychedelic Psychiatry'. His monograph Philosophy of Psychedelics is forthcoming with Oxford University Press in the series 'International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry'.

Our comedy guest:
Rachel Hornbuckle is a wickedly funny comedian based in Brisbane after honing her skills on the London comedy circuit.Follow her on Instagram for the latest.