March 21, 2021

Cancel Culture w/ Sikisa 'Twix' Bostwick-Barnes & Dr Gwen Bouvier

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According to some cancel culture is rife and freedom of speech is under attack, but then a look around most mainstream newsrooms and social media platforms will show a lot of people getting a lot of money and attention for saying the kinds of things that you allegedly aren't allowed to say anymore. So is cancel culture one big which hunt? Or is it more a matter of which c%^t needs to be canceled next? We take a look at the impacts, rationale and efficacy of cancel culture in this week's episode.

Guest comedian:
is one of the funniest and  most likable comedians on the London comedy circuit 

She won the public’s vote in the 2017 BBC New Comedy Award competition, for which she was a finalist. Her TV appearances include Jonathan Ross’ Comedy Club (ITV), The Dog Ate My Homework (CBBC), Pie And A Pint (Comedy Central) and Period Dramas (BBC 3). Her radio credits include Lemonade (Radio 1) and writing for Newsjack (Radio 4). She is also developing a number of projects for TV and radio. Her debut stand up hour which was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Leicester Comedy Festival 2020.
I highly recommend you check out her upcoming live work (when we're safely allowed back on stages). To stay up-to-date with what she's doing check out her Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages.   

Guest expert:
Gwen Bouvier
(PhD University of Wales) is a Professor at Zhejiang University.  Her main areas of research interest are social media, civic discourse, and news representation.  Professor Bouvier's publications have focused on multimodal and critical discourse analysis, social media, fashion as discourse and the visual representation of crises in news.  She is the Associate Editor for Social Semiotics and Review Editor for the Journal of Multicultural Discourse.