Oct. 24, 2021

Can we solve the problem with Math?

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Numbers are the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe, and as we progress in our career, almost all jobs (even fun creative ones) need a basic grasp of mathematics. So why do so many people hate them and how can we fix this?  And test your skill with our viral math mind benders!

Expert guest:
Kyle Evans is an award-winning comedian* and maths communicator** - combining comedy, song and extreme pedantry to lethal effect (not literally.)  You'll find him performing family and grown-up shows at festivals, comedy clubs, schools, pubs, pie shops... anywhere that wants a venn diagram intersection of maths and entertainment.  He has appeared several times on Radio 4's cult numbers show 'More or Less' and had a song about the Riemann Hypothesis turned into a local radio jingle - surely a world first.  Kyle's latest book "MATHS TRICKS TO BLOW YOUR MIND: A journey through viral maths" is available now. You can learn more about him in the following places.
His website
His Twitter
His Facebook.

Comedy guest:
Dave Warneke is an award nominated comedian, podcaster and producer. Over the last decade he has toured his comedy shows to dozens of comedy, fringe, music, film, arts and writer’s festivals across Australia - including the last ten Melbourne International Comedy Festivals. He has appeared in guest roles on the ABC shows The Librarians and Upper Middle Bogan and on Channel Nine's True Story with Hamish & Andy. Dave is the co-host of the popular 'Do Go On' podcast and host of Book Cheat. You can learn more about him on his