Highbrow Drivel

Highbrow Drivel

Hilarious conversations with serious experts. Each week I'm joined by a new stand up comedian and a new expert to discuss their field of expertise. We're talking the big topics, the brain, space, climate science, psychedelics and all the areas where you want to hear the latest from the world's brightest minds.

Recent Episodes

Guest podcast - The Nothing Podcast - Stand up comedy

Jan. 16, 2022

For the last week of the break, The Nothing Podcast With Nobody Important is our guest podcast. The team put together a fascinating, fun and always interesting set of human interest stories that get you excited to find out t…

Guest pod - Sure Jan - Dating

Jan. 9, 2022

This week's amazing guest podcast is ' Sure, Jan' , an amazing honest, endearing and funny look at modern dating. Jan talks to Anthony about his period of 53 first dates in 9 months when he first moved to London, and ultimat…

Guest pod - Better Call Daddy - Magic Mushrooms

Dec. 19, 2021

This guest episode is from the Better Call Daddy Podcast , created by Reena Friedman Watts. The episode focuses on Anthony's use of magic mushrooms for anxiety management.

Quantum vs Cosmic - Small answers to big questions

Dec. 12, 2021

When you think about how the universe works, most people start from the cosmic perspective, but what about the little guys? Literally! This week we talk to Dr Chris Ferrie about what quantum physics brings to our understandi…

A very very short history of life on Earth

Dec. 5, 2021

Butts, boobies and bacteria. Discover the unsung heroes throughout history who made life on Earth possible. Expert guest: Dr Henry Gee i s a former paleontologist, evolutionary biologist and senior editor of the internation…

The science of pain on purpose

Nov. 28, 2021

From marathon runners, to chilli lovers and kinksters, we all have things that bring us joy and pain simultaneously. Why and how does it happen? Join us to find out. Expert guest: Leigh Cowart is a researcher, science commun…