Highbrow Drivel

Highbrow Drivel

Hilarious conversations with serious experts. Each week I'm joined by a new stand up comedian and a new expert to discuss their field of expertise. We're talking the big topics, the brain, space, climate science, psychedelics and all the areas where you want to hear the latest from the world's brightest minds.

Recent Episodes

How Did The Social Instinct Evolve?

July 18, 2021

Dawkins said that there was no room for altruism in evolution, so why are we so cooperative as a sp…

Did hippies ruin psychedelics?

July 11, 2021

We've already discussed the scientific benefits of psychedelics. Today we look at whether that come…

Averting the insect apocalypse

July 4, 2021

Bugs, creepy crawlies, insects, pests. Whatever you call them, these little critters play an import…

A Zoologists Guide To Aliens w/ Dr Arik Kershenbaum & Will Preston

June 27, 2021

There's a lot of what we know from Earth that can teach us what to expect from extraterrestrials in…

Drunk: How Alcohol Shaped Society w/ Edward Slingerland and Juan Miles

June 20, 2021

Fresh from his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, Distinguished University Scholar and Profess…

The philosophy of evolution w/ Tom Ballard & Dr Kim Sterelny & Tom

June 13, 2021

How did we evolve to be the way we are? I'm joined by international award winning philosopher on ev…